Working out can be tough.  It’s not only tough physically, but it’s really hard sometimes to fit it into your schedule.  With busy lives, sleeping in and hanging out with friends sounds like a lot more fun than working out when you have free time.  Surprisingly, working out CAN be fun!  I’m going to give you a few simple tips to pass the time while you work out. 

  • Listen to music!

Chelsea Crockett- runningMy favorite thing to do while on a run is to listen to music.  It puts me in a pumped up mood!  Create a “Workout Playlist” with energetic music to get you feeling upbeat during your run.  Every 3 or 4 minutes, you will get to enjoy a new song, which will keep you going.

  • Go outside!

Running on a treadmill can get old.  Although the air conditioning is nice, the run can feel longer than it really is.  Running outside and being around nature will put you in a better mood and make running seem shorter.  You won’t have to run in place.  Go explore!

  • Change up your routine!

Doing the same workout every day is extremely boring.  When you change up your routine, there is something new to look forward to each day.  Change your running route, go to the park, a school, or run the streets for a new experience each time!  Do arm, abs, and leg workouts on different days, so you don’t over work one muscle group.

                Working out is SO good for you, so get off the couch and go run!  Following these simple tips will make working out a little more enjoyable.  Get going Insiders!!!