Life is full of ups and downs.  When life gives you bad days, we have the choice of reacting positively or negatively.  Ultimately, it’s hard to be in positive spirits all the time, I’ve even struggled with this a lot recently!  God has revealed some things to me in the past couple months that may help you get your hopes back up as well!

First off, expect the best out of each day and be confident!  If you wake up expecting a great day, then you’ll seek out the positives instead of the negatives in each situation.  I know from experience that when I’m optimistic about the day ahead, the good usually outshines the bad!  Being confident also plays a part in expecting the good.  When you go into your day with a confident mindset, you won’t let anything get in your way!Chelsea Crockett - Hopes Up Quote

Getting your hopes up is often seen as a bad thing.  For some situations, it can be.  But other times, being positive and thinking optimistically can change your perception on your whole day or other situations!  In the past, I’ve let little things get me down.  Now and in the future, I hope to shape the way I think which will shape the way I act and feel! 

The quote on the right is one I live by.  Knowing that your best days are still in front of you will give you an overall positive outlook on life for now and the days yet to come!

Love, Chels