Hey everyone!  I know I’m not the only one that has a pile of clothes that I never seem to wear anymore.  It just sits in my closet and takes up lots of space.  Luckily, people in the past years have come up with different organizations to help use recycled clothes, toys, and even furniture to pass down to others in need.

            Chelsea Crockett - Donation BoxWe’ve all heard of Goodwill, but have you ever thought about donating?  Simply cleaning out your closet and taking over a load can do so much.  Even the smallest donation can do something for others without you even knowing it.

            Another great cause to donate to is the Salvation Army.  Along with Goodwill, this organization is spread throughout the nation with its mission to provide donations to those in need.  The coolest thing about the Salvation Army is that its message is solely based on the Bible and motivated by the love of God.

            If you want to help, start making a “Donations” pile.  Everything you see in your closet that you could live without goes into this pile and soon enough you’ll be helping families across the country!

                                                           Love, Chelsea