If your family is like mind, then your dog is just like any other family member. We treat our dogs like we treat each other! your dogs deserve a super awesome summer, just like you do. Here are some ways to give your dogs the best summer ever. 
Have a puppy pool party! If you have friends who also have fur babies, have them bring their dogs to a puppy playdate! Set up water activities or kiddie pools for the pups to splash around in. Add ice cubes to the pool to give them a cool, crunchy treat as well! 
Help them throw some shade: Pick up a pair of “Doggles” or “dog sunglasses” for your canine! They are bothFullSizeRender (11) cute AND practical. They protect your dog’s eyes against UV rays and are padded to comfortably fit your dog. The only issue is keeping them on their face! 😉
Pooch popsicles: There is nothing tastier than a popsicle by the pool. Now your pooch can enjoy one as well! Mix chicken broth with cottage cheese, freeze it in popsicle molds, and feed it to your doggie to cool them down on a hot summer day! 


I think a puppy pool party is in Buster, Jolly, and Ella’s future! 😉
XOXO, Chels