As you age, you not only grow physically, but mentally as well.  It’s important to put yourself in challenging situations to learn how to manage on your own and become more mature.  Although it may seem hard to step out of your comfort zone, your future self with thank you for it!Chelsea Crockett- Jeremiah 29 11

If you’re in high school and nervous about going to college, follow your gut!  If you’ve always dreamed of going away for school, then do it.  Don’t let your family or friends talk you out of anything you have your heart set on.  If you have an idea what you want to do for your future career, always research jobs paths so you can go into a program with confidence!

If you get the chance to travel, take every opportunity!  Immersing yourself in another culture is one of the best ways to grow.  If you study abroad and learn to live in a foreign land, you’ll notice that you grow up quickly.  You’ll also have a better appreciate for the world and your own country, city, or small town.  Being away from close family and friends for an extended period of time will make you realize how much they actually do for you and how much they mean to you.

Growing up happens to all of us, but growing as a person takes time.