In the words of my BFF Taylor Swift, “haters gonna hate, hate, hate”. I wish this wasn’t true, but unfortunately…it is. No matter what you do it’s always going to be impossible to please everyone. I mean, check out my feed! Sometimes, people leave nasty comments on my YouTube and Instagram just to be mean! If I took these comments to heart, well…I would be one unhappy person. When you learn to love yourself, mean comments will run in one ear and out the other. It’s time to block out the haters!Chelsea Crockett- taylor swift meme

Some people can find something wrong with anything. They could even hate that you’re too nice! Crazy, right?! When you hear a mean comment, brush it off. It’s important to always be the bigger person. Arguing won’t do anything, especially if you say a mean comment back. That just puts you down to their level. You must always rise above it! Surrounding yourself with a group of people that lift you up is also important. Too many friend groups have competition in them. Between jealousy and wanting to be the best, there could possibility be a lot of hate going on behind your back. Feel confident about yourself and the people you hang out with. When you love yourself, the haters will mean nothing!    

Just remember to “shake it off” Insiders!