I’m a late night snacker. Ill admit it! Sometimes the late night muchies just hit you out of no-where! Researchers link late night snacking calories to be the potential for weight gain, and studies have also shown that eating right before bed can make your sleep more restless! Buuuuut, how uncomfortable is it going to sleep with a growling stomach?! This is where low cal, sleep friendly snacks come in! Here is a few for the next time you have to answer the call of the late night munchies.

  1. Baby carrots: At just 4 calories per carrot, what is not to love about this crunchy orange snack!midnight-snacking
  2. Banana: If you know me, then you know I LOVE bananas! Bananas are packed with fiber and tryptophan, which is a chemical that makes us sleepy!
  3. Apples and peanut butter: Delish! Apples are full of fiber and also offer a nice little crunch. When you dip them in peanut butter or almond butter, you are also filling up your tummy without making you feel heavy!
  4. String Cheese: One serving of string cheese is only 80 calories and contains good proteins and fats to help fill you up and satisfy you.
  5. Cereal: You can eat it either dry or with milk! But, when I say cereal, I do not mean Lucky Charms! I mean cereals that are whole grain such as oatmeal or corn flakes.

So, when the late night munchies hit, you will now be prepared! Reach for one of these healthy little snacks to kick your hunger to the curb!

XOXO, Chels