Summer is all about staying fit and eating right.  This is a hard thing to do when your pantry is filled with lots of salty snacks!  What you might not know is that there are many healthy alternatives to substitute for chips and other treats that taste just as good and benefit your body!

Chelsea Crockett - Sweet Potato Chips  Although chips are very delicious, they definitely aren’t the best thing for you.  Instead of potato chips, try sweet potato chips.  They are a high source of vitamin A and are much better for you than potato chips.  Along with their reduced fat, they are surprisingly very tasty! Another route to go would be rice cakes.  They contain less fat and less calories.

Most people find popcorn as a fattening and unhealthy snack.  But it’s not the popcorn that’s full of calories, it’s the toppings.  Toppings such as salt, butter, or cheese are full of fat and sodium.  As long as you stick with just the popcorn, or at least a small amount of toppings, it’s pretty much an all-around healthy snack.

Now anyone could have guessed these, fruits and vegetables.  Although they’re very different from chips, everyone needs their daily dose of nutrients and vitamins.  These are, of course, some of the healthiest foods you could eat.  Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!