Eating healthy can be tough, especially when you’re not used to it!  The easiest way to ease yourself into a healthy diet is to make a few simple changes here and there.  By swapping out a few bad choices for good choices, you will start to notice yourself eating healthier and healthier day by day.

  1. Many people don’t realize how much sugar is in juice. Can you believe there are 24 grams of sugar in one cup of orange juice?! Instead of having your morning juice, have a fresh orange for breakfast. You will cut down on the sugar and gain some fiber!  Chelsea Crockett- sugar in juice
  2. Bagels are packed full of carbs and sugar and can be extremely filling. Try an English muffin instead of a bagel. This can even be used as bread for a sandwich!
  3. If you love chips and can’t give them up, then buy baked chips! Normal chips are fried in oil high in fat. Baked chips are more natural!
  4. Instead of ordering an appetizer at dinner, opt for a side salad instead. Try to order a clear dressing such as Italian, instead of a creamy dressing like Ranch.
  5. No more soda! Try sparkling water!
  6. If you love sweets, then try dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants which contributes to multiple health benefits!

Eating healthy isn’t hard; it just takes some will power and a good grocery list!

Love you all!