Hey insiders!  When it comes to joining a new school, I think of nerves and wanting to fit in.  Some of you may have moved to a new state and already have butterflies about the first day of class.  Others could be transitioning into high school or junior high.  Whatever it is, we all have those first-day-of-school nerves that we just can’t shake off!  Here are a few tips to help calm you down.Chelsea Crockett - School

            #1: Be yourself!  When it comes to making new friends, being yourself is the perfect way to find a group of friends that fit you.  This way you can have fun without trying to be someone you’re not.

            #2: Join clubs!  Whether it’s a volleyball or art club, you’ll be sure to find people with the same interests as you!  You’ll also have a fun time while doing it!

            #3: Don’t get into the wrong crowd!  If you ever feel yourself uncomfortable with your new group of friends, don’t feel the need to stay with it.  Peer pressure is an awful thing and it’s easier to get out in the beginning than trying to use the same excuses over and over again. 

            Joining a new school is not as nearly as bad as everyone thinks!  With these tips, there’s no need to be nervous.  Just be yourself and have fun!

                                                         XO – Chelsea