I have never been more excited to share something with my insiders than what I’ve been keeping a secret for way too long! I can officially tell you about my family’s own, new TV SHOW! We have had an amazing opportunity to film a few episodes with HLN, a partner channel of CNN. I thought I’d give you a brief explanation of what to expect!Chelsea Crockett - HLN

My new show gives my viewers a little insight on the life of my family off camera. Most of my subscribers only get a small idea of what my life is like behind the scenes so I couldn’t be more thrilled to let you in on more of my life. I am extremely blessed for the chance to do so and am so happy to finally tell you all one of the biggest secrets I’ve ever had to keep! The show mainly features my dad, mom, sister, brother, and, of course, me! You’ll even see a few of my friends throughout the episodes as well. I’ve never done anything TV related, so it’s definitely an adventure in itself. I can’t wait for you all to see it and to get your thoughts on the show! Now that the secret’s out, check out my show Beautylicious Offline on HLN Tuesday night, March 24th, at 10 PM ET!

Much love! – Chels