As teenagers, there are many things we have to start paying for. Whether it be a car, gas, college, or simply a new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting, we have to find jobs to support our needs… or wants :). Job interviews and having the spotlight on you might not be your cup of tea, so I’m here to give you some advice on how to kill it anyway!

  • Be confident. You have just as much of a shot as anyone else. Just be focused and know that confidence is key! You have to believe in yourself in order to have success.Chelsea Crockett - Interview Tips
  • Be professional. Some people think it’s overrated to make eye contact, shake hands, be polite, arrive on time, dress appropriately, etc. It’s not! A lot of bosses who are in charge of hiring employees will look for these things. It shows you’re not only personable but confident, too.
  • Be honest. If you don’t have experience, don’t say that you do! If you can only work certain days, tell them! Don’t sugarcoat anything then end up in a jam when you’re hired. This being said, don’t hesitate to talk yourself up by addressing your good qualities!
  • Be prepared. A lot of job interviews ask the same questions: “Do you have experience?” “Why are you good for this job?” “What are your positive qualities?” Most places will require a resume usually prior to the interview as well.

I hope this helped you feel a little more prepared for any upcoming interviews you may have!

Love, Chels