I love prom and school dances but oftentimes they come with stupid drama that can be so easily avoided! Situations get made into bigger deals than they actually are which can cause unneeded gossip and drama. I put together some tips on how you can avoid any prom drama this year so you can end the school year on a good note!

I know a couple schools around my area use social media to their advantage! A girl in the senior class usually creates a Facebook group for that prom year and adds anyone that is going into it! Then basically everyone keeps adding people they know that are going. The purpose Chelsea Crockett - Prom Articleis to post your dress once you finally purchase it. It lessens the amount of repeats and lessens the amount of drama when two girls have the same dress!

Once again, technology can save the day! If most of the people in your group have iPhones, make a prom group chat! Instead of one person coming up with picture and dinner plans, everyone can pitch in ideas and suggestions. You can even take a vote to make your schedule for the night! This way people can’t get mad about not getting a say in what their group’s plans are for the night.

Another tip is to plan ahead. Know who’s in your group, the time you’re meeting, where you’re going, etc. It’s never good to wait last minute. This will not only save you from unneeded drama, but will make your prom less stressful altogether!

Let me know how your prom night is :)! – Chelsea