Looking back at pictures of my tan skin and lighter hair, winter blues can set in pretty quick. Why not think of some ideas to chase them away? Often during the winter, we sleep more, eat more, and exercise less!  Here are some ways to keep the “winter blues” at bay!

  1. On a sunny day, make the best of it by getting outside to soak in some Vitamin D.  Bundle up, grab your bike, roller blades, running shoes, tennis racquet, etc. (You get the idea!  Use whatever you love!) and go outside to get some exercise.  Just a little time outside can make us dream of those warm sunny days that are just around the corner.
  2. Make an appointment for a facial, pedicure, and/or massage!  It’s always nice to be pampered.  So why not go for it….you deserve it.  I know those appointments can sometimes be expensive.  If that is the case, then call some friends over and look up DIY facials and nail designs.  You pamper a friend and then they pamper you.  Massages are easy with lotion or oil that you already have at home!Chelsea Crockett - Spa Day
  3. Anyone up for a hot tub party?  Make yummy appetizers and fun summer drinks and invite a group of your friends over!  Put on your suits and hop in the hot tub.  If you don’t have a hot tub, maybe one of your friends does.  You and a friend can eat, drink, and soak your blues away!

It won’t be long insiders, spring is just around the corner!  Until then, make the most of your free time by chasing winter melancholy away!

XOXO, Chels