Flats one of my favorite kinds of shoes. There are so many kinds! There are loafers, ballet flats, dressy flats, casual flats, every day flats, so many options! The only downside of flats is breaking them in. You want them to fit well and feel cozy! Here is how to break in your flats so that they fit just right and don’t give you blisters.

  1. Grab your hair dryer and heat up the inside of your shoes. Count to three pointing the hair dryer at your toes and then the6a661a7a3450375772427c4de2fc0cbd heel two times.
  2. Pull on your favorite pair of thick socks. I love fuzzy socks so I chose those. Put the shoes on immediately after you heat them up and have put the socks on.
  3. Once you have done these things wear the shoes around the house for a while. You may have to repeat these steps a few times until your shoes are broken in!

If you don’t break in your flats you are in for a world of hurt! The shoes can cause nasty blisters and be downright uncomfortable.

XOXO, Chels