Have you ever gotten to a point where you feel like you cannot fit anything else in your head? Your mind is so full and you have so much going on that it starts to take a toll. We pay attention to everything else in life and invest so much time in what is happening on the outside that we neglect what is happening on the inside. This causes mental clutter, and mental clutter can cause you anxiety and stress. I feel like sometimes I need to drag and drop everything swirling around in my head into the trash can. I need to hit the refresh button or I am going to burn out. Clutter isn’t good for anyone. It suppresses our productivity and creativity! Here are a few ways to refresh your mind and get rid of the clutter.

The first order of business is to get your priorities in check. Prioritize your goals and lay them out to help you organize your decisions. Another great tool is lists. Write down all of your responsibilities, daily goals, ideas, life goals, things to do and so on. Laying these things out helps take them from your brain onto paper and prevents you from forgetting them. Once they are written down, clear some space in your mind.

One thing that really helps me is having a set routine. I get up around the same time every morning, and I try to keep things pretty routine during the day. Not only does this keep me goal-oriented and productive, it keeps me sane. I know that I am getting everything done that I need to be because it is part of my routine. Having structure keeps the worry and clutter away. Also, be aware of why you are doing the things you are doing during the day. Remind yourself that your actions have a purpose and you are working towards a goal, whether that is school or work or other personal goals.

Working out is also a huge part of keeping my mind clear and focused. Taking care of my body not only helps with my self-image but it also boosts my mood. Exercising is my “me time” when I get to listen to music and push myself. It helps me clear my head and refocus.

What helps you keep the mental clutter away? I would love to hear how you keep your mind clear and focused. We are all different and have minds of our own!