Trust me, I know how it feels to have zero time/motivation to work out. I have just recently started getting back into running and I try to do that as many days of the week that I can. It can be easy to talk myself out of going on a run though, and I have been looking for ways to avoid talking myself out if it and ways to stay in my routine. Here are my tips on how to bet back into a fitness routine and stay motivated!

  1. Lay your workout clothes in plain sight: In the morning, lay your workout clothes in a place that you will see them the most so they continually remind you that you need to put them on and hit the trail or go to the gym. You could even pack a gym bag in the morning so that you have it all ready to go after school!b07aeb4fb52774806ebcdfa3d3a3e03c
  2. Take a challenge: Start a “couch to 5k” or “30 day abs” challenge! Having a challenge makes you more likely to stick to it and will make you want to complete it!
  3. Break your workouts up: If you are running, set goals. For instance, look ahead and pick a landmark, tell yourself to keep going until you reach it, and then once you do set another goal. It will distract you and keep you going! If you are working out in the gym, say that you will do 10 or 15 more sit-ups and then you will be done. Simple breakdowns like that make all the difference!
  4. Bring a buddy: Grab a friend that wants to get in shape or a friend that will motivate you and take them on a run or to the gym with you. You will have someone to push you, someone to talk to, and someone to say “hey, get out of bed, let’s go to the gym!”

Getting back into a fitness routine can be rough. Your body takes a while to get used to it, and it is mentally tough too. I know you can do it, you got this!! Keep that winter layer of fluff away! I am going to have to work at it too, so we can work at it together!

XOXO, Chels