To me, one of the worst feelings is knowing I have a ton of stuff to do but not wanting to do a single bit of it. You know the feeling, I’m sure. It is summer, you are laying on the couch chilling, but your to-do list is running through your head and you are starting to get anxious about everything you have to get done. You would much rather watch one more episode of Gilmore Girls than pick up your summer homework or clean your house like your mom asked you to. We all want to be productive, but sometimes we lack the motivation. Here are 4 ways to get things done when you flat out don’t want to.

  1. Keep the goal in mind: if you just remember why it is important that you get your task done, and put things into perspective, it can help you stay motivated to start and finish.84514
  2. Start with the worst: If you start with your least favorite task first, then the rest of the list won’t seem so bad! If you really hate running errands or cleaning bathrooms or doing homework, then do those first thing, and then you will feel relieved and motivated to power through the rest of your to-dos.
  3. Change your perspective: Rather than grumbling about how much you hate this and would rather be doing other things, give yourself a positive pep talk. Next time you are tempted to complain about a task and put it off, try and think to yourself that you can do it, and if you get it done now you will have time to do things you like later.
  4. Bribe yourself: Our brains are wired to seek reward. So, next time you have a to-do list a mile long, tell yourself, for example, that you will work on it for an hour and a half, then you can have a break and watch one episode of your favorite show. Then you will go back to your list, then rest. Taking breaks will keep you productive and motivated!

Now that you have these tips, your to-do list doesn’t stand a chance!

XOXO, Chels