I’m sure if I took a poll, most of you would say you hated P.E.  I can’t say I don’t disagree with you.  I love working out, but being forced to run in the middle of the day and then go to class right after is madness!  All that effort of doing my hair and makeup has gone right down the drain and not to mention the stinky after smell.  Luckily, in a few simple steps you can be back to normal and refreshed for the rest of the day!Chelsea Crockett- ribbon hair tie

Pack a small cosmetic bag consisting of a ribbon hair tie, wash cloth, facial wipes, face powder, and deodorant.  Before P.E. starts, put your hair up using a ribbon hair tie which won’t leave a crease.  This way, you’ll be able to wear your hair the same way it was before!  Once P.E. is over and you’re all sweaty, grab the wash cloth and wipe off all excess sweat.  Be sure to get the hairline and face!  Next, use a facial wipe to remove all face makeup except eye makeup.  Apply fresh powder and deodorant to get yourself back to looking, feeling, and smelling normal.

P.E. isn’t so bad after all!