Working out alone has its positives and negatives. The positives are that it is a great time to have some “me time” and time to think, but the negatives are that sometimes you can lose your motivation and let the voice in your head say “You’ve worked out enough, you can just stop.” That isn’t always a good thing. It is easy to lose your motivation to keep going when you are alone, but I am going to give you a few tips on how to finish your workout strong and keep going.

  1. Start small: When I am running and I start to think to myself that I want to stop and walk or that I don’t need to run as far as I was planning, I always try to pick a goal. I will tell myself to run past the next tree, and then once I pass that tree I will pick a new landmark and make it my goal to run past it. Have small personal goals so it is easier to reach them.images
  2. Look straight ahead: Studies actually show that when you focus your sight in front of you on a target you are able to run faster while feeling less tired. You are able to push through a workout more when you are focused on a single point. When you are doing squats, stare straight ahead and you will be able to do more!
  3. Keep track: Record all of your workout times/running times/how many reps you do of certain things. Then try to beat them! You will enjoy the challenge of trying to beat your old numbers, and it will distract you from wanting to quit!
  4. Keep it short: If you have a hard time keeping motivated during longer workouts, cut back the amount of time you exercise. Push yourself harder for a shorter time. Intervals are good exercises for this sort of thing, where you go all out for a minute, then go easy for three minutes. You repeat this over and over for a shorter period of time. Or do pyramid workouts!

I know it can be hard to stay motivated when working out alone, but try these tips out and see if they help!

XOXO, Chels