Taking time out of your busy schedule to spend quiet time with God can be difficult. I know how busy life can be, but simply finding time to stop and sit down with a Bible will pay off big time. I know I’m not the only one whose mind starts to wander while praying or reading a devotional. I’ve learned a new method that makes me get 10x more out of my daily quiet time, and I encourage you to try it, too!

First comes first, you need the right tooChelsea Crockett - Journalingls. You also need to know which style of note taking you want to use. For me, I like underlining words or verses that stick out to me. Others like to use highlighters to do this. Whatever you prefer! You also need a pen or pencil to write notes and comments on the side.

Second, you need to understand what Bible journaling is. You don’t have to mark something on every page or worry about how nice your notes look. Let it be messy, it should be what speaks to you. If you like to doodle, use markers to create something like the picture on the left. If you’re looking for a Bible simply for journaling, they sell Bibles with extra wide margins with space to write your notes in! How perfect is that?

You can also buy sticker Post-It bookmarks to remind you where you left off or where a certain story or verse stuck out to you. I encourage you to get started and spend some quiet time with God!

Love, Chels