Nick and I are always trying to eat healthier – who isn’t? I’ve been interested in trying clean eating, which allows you to eat lots of yummy foods that are both nutritious AND delicious, but also satisfying. This means cutting out foods that are processed, have lots of preservatives, etc. We also love eating out, so I started looking into clean eating tips that even non-health nuts like us could follow. Here is what I have found!

  1. The easiest way to start is with the things you already eat. Take recipes you love and make them clean! Nick and I love tacos. So, to make them clean, we can use grass-fed beef and other organic and high quality ingredients. If you are eating it with a side like rice, use wild rice or brown rice instead of white.
  2. Plan ahead. I find that I eat the worst when I am in a pinch. Most times, the most convenient things to make are the unhealthiest. Planning a weekly menu ahead helps avoid this! Meal prep is also a must. Many “clean” foods are ingredients and not ready-to-eat foods. So, preparing them ahead saves you time in the long run. Cut up that produce and have it ready to eat when you get in the snacking mood instead of just washing it and putting it straight in the fridge.
  3. It is not all or nothing. You decide how strict you want to be. It is overwhelming to think about eliminating all processed foods – and unrealistic to think that you can and should eliminate them completely from your life. I don’t think I could go forever without a Reese Peanut Butter Cup. Not possible. So, make clean eating work for your lifestyle. Do your best to eat natural and clean most of the time, but don’t think that Chinese food on a Tuesday night is out of the question. Make your goal to eat clean 75% of the time and you will be much more successful than if you try and go 100% cold turkey.
  4. Take it one thing at a time. Make your healthy changes slow. If you usually take chips for lunch as a snack, switch them for carrot sticks and humus. If you typically eat white rice, switch it to brown. Your body will thank you for the slow transition rather than a shock to the system.

If you are interested in starting the clean eating journey too, I hope these tips helped you! They definitely helped me feel more confident about committing to the lifestyle change.