Do you ever have those days where you lay on your bed and think “there is absolutely NOTHING to do today”?  Maybe your friends are all busy or your home bound and can’t think of a single thing to occupy your time.  If you’re tired of refreshing your twitter and Instagram feeds over and over, here are a few home activities to cure your boredom!

  • Try a few DIYs!  There are so many fun “do it yourself” projects to try at home.  Chelsea Crockett - Galaxy VansOne of my favorites is the DIY galaxy vans that I mentioned in one of my past articles.  You could also try a DIY face mask and have a spa day with your friends :)!
  • Look for a new recipe!  Have you seen an amazing recipe you’re dying to try on Pinterest lately?  Experiment with it, maybe you’ll make something you absolutely love!  If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend invite them over to help!  It’s always fun to cook together!
  • Shop til’ you drop online!  This is something I do almost every time I’m bored.,, and are a few of my favorites!

Good luck insiders :)! – Chels