For those of you jumping into a new internship, it can be pretty nerve-racking, especially if you’re new to the interning world. You may not know the rules and guidelines to follow, like how to act, what to wear, etc. I came up with some pointers that will help you be successful when you begin your new internship!Chelsea Crockett - Internship Advice

  • Of course, good first impressions are important. But even more importantly is keeping that first impression throughout your entire internship! Throughout the entire time, keep offering your help and treating everyone in the office with respect.
  • Stand out! Reach out to your coworkers and make yourself memorable. If you have ideas of your own, speak your mind when the time is appropriate!
  • Pay attention to details. If someone is teaching you how to do something, take notes! Remember the little things people mention to you. You’ll not only gain experience but it’ll help you in the long run!
  • Lastly, make sure you keep in touch with people at your internship, especially those with connections. If you don’t get offered a job, there’s always a chance you could get referred to another company. Email those who got you the internship even after it’s over, and something may work in your favor!

Whether you’re in the middle of your internship or about to begin one, I hope these pointers help you out!