Everyone is made differently and everybody’s bodies react to germs, the outdoors, and other factors differently as well.  The way your body reacts can give you an indication of when the right time to shower is for you.  It’s all about feeling your best and cleanest at all times!

You should take morning showers if….

  • You’re okay with waking up early. A morning shower is a great way to help wake you up and get your day started!
  • You’re a night sweater.  If you tend to sweat in your sleep, it’s easy to wake up feeling gross.  A morning shower can take that gross feeling away real quick!
  • You’re in a fairly clean environment.  An argument to showering at night is that it’s healthy to get off all the germs before you go to bed.  If you have a day with low activity, showering in the morning is just fine!

You should take night showers if…

  • You like to feel clean before going to bed!
  • You’ve been outside all day or in an unclean environment.
  • It helps you relax.
  • You have dry skin.  This way, you can lather your clean body with heavy moisturizer and lotion before going to bed. 

Whether you shower in the morning or at night, always be sure to take your makeup off before you go to sleep!  This way, your pores don’t have a chance to absorb extra dirt!