Do you ever just sit back and reflect on how short our lives really are? They are literally a blip on the radar, a speck on a timeline. We are such a small piece of the puzzle. So, if we are just a piece, how can we think that the whole thing is about us?

Remembering that we get to live our lives for Jesus is important. We don’t HAVE to live our lives for Him, we GET to. Keeping God the center of our lives is crucial. I know it can be tough, there are so many things to do in a day and so little time to do them. How can we remember to make sure Jesus is at the center of everything we do? Some days it is harder than others. I can get caught up in my own life and forget that it isn’t about me. We all have days when we have a hard time “fitting God in” with our busy schedules. Just remember, we are not the main piece of the puzzle. We should not be trying to fit God into our life’s puzzle, we should be trying to fit ourselves into His master work of art.

The short time that we are allowed on this planet should be lived intentionally. Your piece of the puzzle is crucial to the finished product. The things you do and say, the way you present yourself and go through life, those things make a big difference. YOU make a difference. Don’t think that the things that happen in your life don’t matter to God, because they do. Big and small. The same detail that he put into creating the smallest fish in the sea to the largest mountain on the planet is the care he put into creating you. He has given you an invitation to enjoy His goodness. Let others see Jesus’s good works through you. Trust that God can take care of everything in our lives way better than we can handle them ourselves. We just hand over control to Him.

Trust me, I know all about life getting busy. Remembering to live for Jesus every day is easy when you make it a part of your life. Because remember, it isn’t about you. Take your daily dose of humble and step out the door ready to show others what it looks like to live for someone else other than themselves. That, after all, is what our generation needs to see more of. More people ready to surrender themselves and live for others, not be so caught up in themselves that they miss the joy of living in Christ.