We’re getting down to the last few weeks of summer… so depressing, right? But it’s not too late to check off a few last-minute summer getaways! I know vacations are often expensive and hard to plan last-minute, but there are so many little getaways you can plan with your friends or family!

One obvious summer trip is to plan a camping weekend with your closest BFFs. Chelsea Crockett - CampingAlmost anywhere you can find a state park or campground that you can set up tents for cheap or even free! I like finding spots like these because lots of other campers are around and it’s totally safe! You can also bring stuff for a BBQ and s’mores to top off the night :).

Another getaway you can take is a float trip! You’ll need a few more supplies than camping but it’s totally doable. Make sure you pack snacks and lots of sunscreen since you’ll be out in the sun for most of your day. It’s so fun to get a group of people and go for a weekend!

Lastly, one of the best must-do opportunities of the summer is taking a road trip! I think that’s on everyone’s summer goals list! If your parents are good with it, take a road trip somewhere only a couple hours away so you don’t have to stay overnight if your parents aren’t okay with that. Perfect!

Make the rest of your summer worth it!

Love, Chelsea