Do you ever have one of those nights where you’re up past midnight and on the edge of a breakdown? Most of you in high school know what I’m talking about!  Late night homework sessions are the worst and can build up endless amounts of stress. I put together some tips to help you relax in your crunch times! 

  • Lavender scents are some of my favorites. They’re so relaxing and are scientifically proven to relieve stress. I prefer burning a lavender candle next to where I’m working. Try it out!
  • I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes stress calls for a nice helping of your favorite ice cream! Use it for some motivation or a reward for getting all of your assignments done. Chelsea Crockett - Hot Tea
  • If you’re up late studying, let your mind rest by going to sleep and waking up earlier than you normally do. This way you can still get your studying in and give your brain a break for a little while. 
  • While you’re working, make yourself a hot drink to sip on. I suggest a hot cup of tea, either black or green. This will give you a little caffeine to get you through the long hours. It’s also super soothing, too!

What advice would you give someone for late night study sessions? Leave a comment below!

XO, Chelsea