Laziness is no stranger to most of us. Even the most productive people have little ways that they let themselves be lazy. I sometimes give myself little excuses to be lazy or procrastinate and justify it as ok. But, as I am learning, laziness is actually a spiritual problem. We don’t consciously decide to set aside the things we are responsible for or not use the gifts God has given us. We don’t decide to be lazy out of nowhere. So, why IS being lazy a spiritual problem?

Laziness offends God. Yes, offends him. Diligence is a spiritual discipline, and when we refuse to honor our responsibilities and chose our own pleasures over honoring God, we cannot expect the other areas of our lives to flourish. This isn’t God punishing us, it is our own fault. If we direct our spiritual focus towards our goals, that will positively affect our time management which will affect our attitude and accomplishments. When you align your goals with God, laziness has no room.

Also, we were made to work. Not to be workaholics, but to do good work for the glory of God.  When God says that we need a day of rest, don’t mistake rest for laziness. Rest rejuvenates us and revives us. Laziness, and avoiding our responsibilities and goals, does not bring us anywhere closer to the Lord. God is always working on our behalf, so we should also be working on His.

Are you lacking motivation or feeling restless or useless? Don’t just wait around for those feelings to flee, do something about it. Start doing a daily Bible study focusing on your areas of weakness. Pray that the Lord will use this time to reveal in you the things that need improvement. He will lead you through it. Consciously chose to do things that motivate you to avoid laziness like volunteering or becoming a mentor. Don’t give up when things get hard, because it is inevitable that we will all face tough times. As we are diligent in our obedience to work towards our goals and be more disciplined, our lives become so much more fulfilling. Remember this – “…let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9). Your season is coming! Or, you may be in it right now. Don’t give up and let laziness rule your life! You’re stronger than that.