If you can make life a little easier, then why wouldn’t you?!  Life hacks are all about turning something difficult into something simple!  Check out the hacks below, because why wouldn’t you want a simpler life??

  1. Only have a pair of flared jeans to tuck into your boots? Roll your jeans and stuff them into a pair of tall socks! Once tucked into your boots, you’d never know they weren’t skinny jeans!
  2. Remove deodorant marks with pantyhose or dryer sheets!
  3. Hate the green marks your rings leave behind on your fingers? Before wearing them, paint the inside of each ring with clear nail polish to avoid green stains!Chelsea Crockett- clear nail polish rings
  4. Make smoothies fast by freezing fruits and veggies in single serving bags! Just poor the bag, plus some ice and juice, and you’ve got yourself a smoothie in no time!
  5. When packing, wrap your shoes in a shower cap to keep them from rubbing against your clothing. Also, place one end of a necklace through a straw to avoid it from tangling.
  6. Cut swimming noodles and place them in your boots to keep them upright!
  7. Run your mascara brush under hot water for easier and smoother application.

I hope I made your life a little easier!

Love you all,