School is back in session and as students, we can use all the help we can get!  With technology nowadays, there are so many new websites that are super useful for writing papers, studying, etc.  I wanted to share with you a few websites that will definitely come in handy this school year!

  • Quizlet.  With Quizlet, you can create your own flashcards and other study games to memorize whatever info you need to!  You can even use flashcards made by other students on the same topic if you’re too lazy to make them yourself!
  • EasyBib.  As long as your teacher isn’t super strict on citations, then this site is for you!  If you ever need quick MLA citations, all EasyBib needs is a URL and it’ll turn it into a perfect citation for your source!
  • PlagTracker.  PlagTracker allows you to copy and paste your essay into the website to check for any signs of plagiarism.  Sometimes you may’ve unintentionally copied a sentence or two without even knowing it!Chelsea Crockett - Rate My Professor
  • Rate My Professors.  This app can make or break your college career!  It lets you search your teacher and see various students’ reviews and ratings like the picture on the right.  It can really give you a heads up or even encourage you to switch classes before it’s too late!
  • KeepMeOut.  This website is so cool!  You type in which sites you want to block and you won’t be allowed to access them for the amount of time you set!  If you have trouble staying off Twitter and Instagram while studying, then this is perfect for you!

I hope these websites help you no matter what grade you’re going into this year!  I know I’ll be using some of them myself! 🙂

–          Chelsea