I recently had a friend travel to Europe so we started brainstorming ways to help her enjoy the long flight! Here are some ideas that we came up with:

1.  Bring Comfort in Your Carry-on!  It’s always good to pack a neck pillow, an eye mask, earplugs, and/or headphones. These items will allow you to catch some necessary ZZZ’s before landing at your destination. Chelsea Crockett- long flight essentials

2.  Bring Novels and/or Magazines!  Long flights or car rides are always a good time to chill and take time to read.  Whether you like to dive into a long novel or catch up on the latest Seventeen Magazine, reading can make the time fly!

3.  Bring your IPad, IPhone, and/or IPod!  Before your trip, be sure to download your favorite music, movies, books, and games.  Many hours can be spent entertaining yourself with these gadgets!  If you are flying with family or friends, why not challenge them to a friendly competition with one of your games.  A little competition is always good!

4.  Bring Snacks!  Airplane food is filled with sodium and preservatives…..not my favorite and certainly not healthy.  Pack some nuts, fruit, protein bars, etc. to keep yourself satisfied and not agitated because of lack of food.

I hope these tips will help you the next time you find yourself on a long journey to your favorite destination!

Bon voyage!