Summer break is only 4 months away! Now, I know that may sound like an eternity, but think of it this way, you have a whole FOUR MONTHS to start working on your beach bod! Wanna get started today? Then do this lower ab attack! It will get you off to a head start on blasting those abs into shape!

40 jumping jacks

15 flying toe touches

10 roll ups

3 lying leg raises

40 bicycle crunches

20 flutter kicks

10 knee tucks

5 roll-ups

3 lying leg raises

10 reverse crunches

10 lunge twists

30 jumping jacks

Plank as long as possible!!

I am ready to have a tight tummy this summer! What are YOUR pre-summer fitness goals? Comment below and share, you never know if someone’s goals will be the same as yours!

XOXO, Chels