It’s finally here…the day we get to spend with our family, stuff our faces with food, and most importantly thank God for all that He’s given us! Now that school is done for a few days, making the most of your Thanksgiving break is key!  What should you do with your time?  Check out a few of my favorite ways to spend Thanksgiving break!Chelsea Crockett- Black Friday

  • Grab a good book and find a new coffee shop. Order a holiday drink while you read!
  • Go Black Friday shopping! There’ no better time to get bang for your buck than on this day! Gather up some of your friends and hit up your favorite mall and boutique shops!
  • Meet up with old friends! If you’re in college this is the perfect time to catch up with your friends that went away!
  • Once Thanksgiving is over, start decorating the house for Christmas! You can never start Christmas too early!
  • If you live in a snowy region, go sledding!
  • Make your Christmas wish list!
  • Help your mom or grandma bake desserts for the Thanksgiving holiday!
  • See family that you haven’t seen in a while! If you’ve got cousins, grab a bite to eat with them!

I hope you all have the most perfect Thanksgiving break full of family, friends, food, and Jesus!