Hi Insiders,

Working out can be a drag.  It’s not typically someone’s favorite thing to do.  Some don’t realize this, but getting yourself to the gym is actually the biggest struggle!  Once there, you’ll be pushed to get on that treadmill and GO!  Here are a few simple tips to make your trip to the gym a lot easier.

  1. Bring a buddy!  Having someone to workout with is actually a huge motivator.  You may not even realize that you’re pushing each other to do better.  Plus, you’ll have someone to talk to.  You won’t even realize it, the time will fly by!
  2. Be sure to prep your body.  Drink plenty of water and stretch.  It’ll make your workout easier since you’ll be loose and hydrated.Chelsea Crockett- gym
  3. Make a killer playlist!  Music makes any workout 10x easier.  It drowns out the sound of yourself breathing, which can actually make you more tired.
  4. Don’t overwork your body.  If you haven’t worked out in a while, don’t try to be too ambitious.
  5. Change it up!  Running on a treadmill every workout can get extremely tedious.  Try doing other cardio workouts and have a different day for arms, legs, and abs.
  6. Reward yourself!  Set a goal each month and once that goal is reached go out to dinner or buy yourself a new outfit.  Little gestures like these will keep you going!

Get Active!