Ah!  Summer is almost here!  I can just picture myself laying by the pool with a cool drink in my hand and getting my tan on!  I love to change up my bedroom to make it brighter and cozier in the summer.  Try a few of these simple tips to get a quick summer bedroom!

Summer is all about the sunshine, so it’s time to ditch those dark curtains!  Try hanging up sheer or light colored curtains in order to let the natural light in.  Leaving your curtains open will help you feel more awake and actually make your room look larger!  Try placing fresh flowers in your room or burning a candle with a summer scent like coconut!  Bright flowers will put you in a happy mood, while a good smelling candle will get your senses going!  If you have dark colored bedding, try throwing on a few bright colored pillows to lighten your bed!  Seeing bright colors Chelsea Crockett- bright bedroomeverywhere will really put you in the summer mood!

All of these changes are quick and easy and can be done in a day!  Get summer ready by doing a slight bedroom makeover!  By the time fall comes around, you’ll never want to change your room back!