You can develop a relationship with the Lord starting any time, any day. Building a relationship with God is one of the most amazing things that he desires for each and every one of us.

As I began diving deeper and deeper into my walk with God, I would try different books, journals, devotionals, etc. that would help me do so. Through all the different things I collected, I found that some items aided in my relationship with God tremendously and wanted to share them with you!

A Bible.

First and foremost, you’ll need a Bible that suits your style. For me, I like journaling Bibles where I can write little notes and comments next to certain verses. It helps me remember what I’ve read and allows me to meditate on it. There are also study Bibles that provide further information on certain topics, stories, verses, etc. that can help clarify what it means!

With all of the different types of Bibles, you can find one that is easiest for you to read and understand. There are lots of styles of Bibles out there, so pick the version and type that will work best for you!

A prayer journal.

Prayer journals give you a place to write down anything you may be feeling and refer back to it in the future. I prayer journal on all occasions, when I’m feeling thankful, sad, frustrated, lost… Writing out my feelings is not only therapeutic, but helps me collect my thoughts and calm me down. My favorite thing to do is to go back and read what I’ve written in the past and see what God has done in my life!

A daily devotional.

Having a set daily devotional will encourage you to stay on track as well as give you a dose of God’s word every single day! I realized it gave me a sense of accountability to make sure I spent even as little as five minutes with God. Figure out what time of the day works best for your schedule and stick with it! I suggest first thing in the morning to start your day off on the right foot. Set your alarm for 10-20 minutes earlier than you normally would, and see how that small amount of time can impact your day and attitude!

Topic-specific books. 

As you grow in your relationship with the Lord, you may begin having questions and curiosities about certain parts of the Bible. It’s completely normal to start wondering beyond the surface level. There are many books that will help you dive deeper into whatever topic you may be curious about! Jump in and discover all there is to know about God and his Word.

I encourage you to buy these items and get on track for an amazing relationship with God. We are fortunate enough to have so many resources to grow closer to him, so take advantage of them and start today! 🙂

– Chelsea