For those of us that watch what we eat, we know that dieting can be tough. There are all sorts of books, apps, websites, etc. that give plans and tips on how you should be eating when trying to stay healthy. There are so many myths and misheard tips on dieting and I’m here to clear them up!

  • “Calorie count is the only thing you should be worried about when looking for healthy foods.” FALSE! Yes, calories are definitely a good thing to keep in mind, but other factors like the amount of sodium and fats are super important.Chelsea Crockett - Healthy Eating
  • “If you’re trying to be healthy, avoid large amounts of protein.” FALSE! Too much of anything is always bad, but your body needs protein to function. People often avoid meat thinking it’s bad for them but truth is, it’s not as bad as everyone thinks!
  • “It’s okay to eat carbs, you need them for energy.” FALSE. Carbs do give you energy, but they should be avoided if you’re really trying to lose weight. You can get your energy elsewhere!
  • “The less you eat, the skinnier you’ll get.” FALSE. I often hear people trying to lose wait by barely eating or exclusively eating only fruits and vegetables. Your body needs food, especially protein and other nutrients/minerals. This tip is extremely important!

I love eating healthy, so I always keep these tips in mind. I hope I helped bust any myths you thought were true about healthy eating!

XOXO – Chelsea