It can be hard to eat healthy, especially when these so-called “healthy” foods turn out to be not-so-healthy after all!  It can be hard to tell the difference between healthy foods and ones that pose as them.  I’m breaking down a few “healthy” snacks that I used to enjoy all the time!  While I’m disappointed to find out how bad they are for you, luckily, there are plenty of alternatives!Chelsea Crockett- frozen yogurt

  1. I love veggies chips. I mean, veggie is in the name so they have to be healthy for you, right?! Unfortunately, they are packed full of vegetable powder, flour, sodium, and food coloring.  Instead, try eating raw veggies with hummus or making your own kale chips in the oven!
  2. Yogurt is one of my favorite snacks and it’s extremely good for you! A lot of restaurants and coffee shops make this healthy snack unhealthy by adding granola and sugar.  Not to mention, it’s easy to add a muffin to that order.  Stick to a small portion of regular or Greek yogurt with no toppings.    
  3. Society has tricked us into thinking fiber is extra healthy for you. While it is necessary, fiber granola bars are not.  They are packed with powdered fiber, so they add sugar, honey, chocolate, or peanut butter to cover up the taste.  SO much sugar!  Eat granola bars that are packed full of whole grains and nuts instead!
  4. I liked to think that frozen yogurt was healthy for you because of the name. I’m sad to say that I was wrong.  It is full of sugar and of course those deadly toppings!  Try an at-home version with Greek yogurt.  Add fruit, granola, or dark chocolate to the mix!
  5. Since pita chips are baked they’re good for you, right?   Pita chips are made up of mostly white flour.  If you want something to snack on, make sure you grab whole grain pita chips for your hummus. 
  6. Frozen meals are so easy to throw in the microwave, especially with my busy schedule; but have you ever looked at the ingredient list?! It’s full of sodium and chemicals I can’t even pronounce.  If you’re in a rush try making a turkey sandwich on whole wheat and a cup of fruit.

I challenge you to make healthy choices this week! Happy snacking!