If we compare dating nowadays to how it used to be, there are too many differences to count.  In our society, “talking” is the new dating.  Even marriage rates have dramatically decreased since decades ago!  There are so many dating pointers we could learn from couples that have been together for years.  Here are some old fashioned dating tips that should be put into action today!

  • Put down the phone!  That might sound lChelsea Crockett - Date Listike something your mom tells you but trust me, it’s so refreshing!  Putting your phone down during dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriend is so much nicer than watching each other stare at your screens. 
  • Talk face to face.  Talking out your problems in person instead of over the phone or through text solves things much easier.  Technology is great, but being able to talk about touchy subjects face to face will make you much more comfortable in your relationship.
  • Go on real dates.  This doesn’t have to be every weekend!  Picking a night once a month or even a couple nights is a good way to keep your relationship fun and a priority!  You can even make a list like the one on the right.
  • Meet each other’s parents.  Meeting the fam is a good way to show you’re serious about each other!  It also shows your polite and committed to your relationship.
  • Commit, commit, commit.  I can’t stress this enough!  If you’re in a relationship with someone, devote yourself to them and only them.

If you follow these steps, they might help you better your relationship and make it last much longer!

Love, Chels