If you’re an avid traveler like I am, overcoming jet lag is very important.  If you’re wondering what jet lag is, it’s when your body has trouble adjusting in and out of time zones.  This can consist of disturbed sleep patterns, weakness, and disorientation.  Many don’t know how to respond to their body feeling this way and end up hurting themselves even more.  Keep on reading to find out how to get back on track…fast!Chelsea Crockett- time zones

Before you leave, make sure to rest up!  Sleep as much as possible.  If you’re planning on going to a faraway destination, try changing up your sleeping pattern before you leave to adjust easier.  If you’re traveling east, go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.  If you’re traveling west, go to bed later and wake up later.  Once you journey has started stay hydrated!  Drink as much water as you can.  Also, take caution with sleep medication.  Taking it to force your body to sleep will not help you adjust naturally.  This will cause you to be tired longer.

If you arrive to your destination in the morning, stay up as long as possible!  Forcing your body to get on a certain sleep schedule is the quickest way to adjust.  If you arrive at night, go to sleep right away.  If you’re feeling tired, try to get as much natural light as possible.  This will help your body set its natural clock.  If you’re going away for a weekend or taking a short trip, it’s easier for the body to just stay on its “home” schedule.

Next time you travel, try these simple tips to keep your body fueled…but most importantly, have an amazing time!!