Searching for and picking out gifts can be surprisingly difficult, especially when you don’t know who’s going to get it! Gift exchanges are fun, but tough to actually find the gift you’re going to bring. No worries… I’m here to help! Here are a few suggestions I came up with:

  • FOOD! Who doesn’t love food? There’s a huge variety of Christmas treats that are perfect for a little present. Cookies, cake pops, or peppermint brownies are just a few examples of sweets you can whip up!Chelsea Crockett - Peppermint Scrub
  • As you know, I’m obsessssssed with DIYs. There are several “do it yourself” recipes for scrubs and other body products that are inexpensive and perfect for a gift. One of my favorites is the peppermint body scrub, it’s perfect for the season :)!
  • When you think of winter, what’s one of the first things you think of? For me, I think of hot coffees and hot chocolates. You can buy a cute and creative mug and fill it with packets of different types of hot drinks!
  • Since clothes and shoes are out of the picture for exchanges, makeup or nail polish is a good replacement!  You don’t have to find the right size or spend a lot of money. It’s simple and a necessity for any girl :)!

Let me know what your go-to gift is for the holidays below!

Merry Christmas! – Chelsea