Have you ever dropped your phone in water?! It’s the worst! It’s easy to quickly grab your phone, run around in a panic looking for a solution, and end up making the damage worse. My phone is my life (okay, dramatic, but you know what I mean) so ruining it in an accidental water run-in is not an option! Recently, my phone almost fell in my hot tub, so I looked up the best ways to save a water damaged phone. Check it out!Chelsea Crockett- phone in rice

  1. If you drop your phone in water, DO NOT press any buttons to see if your phone works. Water will run under the buttons!
  2. If your phone has a case, battery pack, and/or SIM card, remove them immediately! Dry all with a towel.
  3. Sounds crazy, but if water gets in the speaker or battery area, use a straw to try to suck out any excess liquid!
  4. Rice is your best friend! Submerge your phone in a bag of dry rice to suck out any water that’s on the inside of your phone. Leave it in the rice for 24 hours.
  5. After you’ve completed steps 1-4, turn your phone on and wish for the best!

While these steps don’t revive all phones, it’s worth the try! I hope I’ve helped some of you save your phone!