Prayer journaling is something that’s become a really big part of my spiritual life.  It’s something that brings me closer to God and has changed my perspective on prayer as a whole.  There are so many things about prayer journaling that I want to tell you about so you can dive into prayer in a whole new way, too!

Chelsea Crockett - Prayer JournalFirst, you’ll need an empty journal with lots of blank pages that are ready to be filled!  I like to start by writing a list of different things I want to start praying for.  Whether it be a friend that’s going through something or a hard test that’s coming up, I write it all down.  Put on paper everything that’s on your mind and everything that needs prayer.

Now comes the best part.  Find a quiet spot where you can be alone with God, just you and him. You can either pick one of those things you put on your list to journal about or just spill out your heart to God, about anything and everything.  These are like your own little love notes to God.  There’s no wrong way to write your out your needs and wants to him.  My favorite part about writing my prayers down is being able to look back at them and see how God has answered my requests.  Watch how he is faithful and see how he answers your prayers when you need him to!

So, what do you think?  Are you going to try it out?  Now that I’ve started, I can’t stop! 🙂

Love, Chels