Costumes, candy, friends, bonfires… ring a bell? Halloween may be the only time all year to dress up and get a little creative with your costume! If you’re like me, I wait until the last minute to throw together a look that my friends and I can have fun with.  I’ve decided to give you a few cheap and quick ideas if you’re looking for a costume without spending too much money.

One classic look is to dress up like an animal. You can throw on a black shirt with black leggings… some ears, draw on some whiskers and make a tail out of panty hose….voila you are a cat/mouse/etc.!  It’s a timeless costume that can be used year after year.

Another idea, that’s more on the humorous side, is to dress up like an old person.  Chelsea Crockett - HalloweenYou can probably borrow some older people’s clothes like your grandparents or check out your local Goodwill store for affordable props. Stuff the clothes with pillows, buy a cane, roll down your socks, and add some circle rimmed glasses.  (Girls be sure to put some bright red lipstick on and overdo it! Haha)

Lastly, superheroes are always fashionable and easy to run with.  Use a men’s T-shirt and turn it into a cape with scissors.  Wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and add your favorite logo to the front with some fabric paint. Throw on some tights or long underwear….you can always add a tutu for extra glam!  Then have fun with makeup!  Google a pic of your superhero and try to paint your face to match. You can never have too much makeup :)!  If you want a few more ideas, check out one of my latest videos “Last Minute Easy & Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas!”

Happy Halloween Insiders! – Chels