When I was little, my parents would always remind me: be nice to EVERYONE.  Still to this day they remind me.  I used to have trouble understanding this, “Why should I be nice to someone that treats me awful?  I’ll never have to see them again once I leave this school or quit this job”; but as I started growing up and maturing…it all made sense.Chelsea Crockett- character

Life has a funny way of working out.  Picture this.  Remember that boy that used to pick on you?  Or that nerd you used to make fun of?  Rewind 15 years later.  He’s your boss at your new job!  He’s turned his life around, is good to others, and has a Godly heart.  The last impression you made on your new boss was not a good one!  Don’t you wish you would have been nicer back in the day?

You always run the risk of running into your past.  Why not make it a good one?  If someone is mean to you…pray for them.  If someone is picking on you, don’t retaliate, but instead keep your head up.  See someone getting picked on?  Befriend them!  While you don’t have to be best friends with the people that treat you badly, it’s always important to be the bigger person.  Be nice…to EVERYONE.