Summer is the perfect time to get a group of friends together and check something off your bucket list.  Road trips aren’t hard to plan.  All you need is a little money, a map, and good company to explore with!  If you’re down for the adventure, here are some hacks to make your trip a little easier and more enjoyable!

  • Take a phone adapter.  Since we’re all guilty of relying on our phones for directions, it’s necessary to keep it charged!  Adapters aren’t too expensive and can be extremely useful.
  • Download Gas Buddy on your smartphone.  This app is genius for long car rides!  It detects your location and lists all the nearby gas stations along with their prices.  This way you can easily find the cheapest place to fill up!
  • Download Venmo, too!  This app helps you split prices and totals between you and your friends, which is helpful when getting gas, meals, or supplies.Chelsea Crockett - Road Trip Map
  • Make or buy a portable trashcan.  There are plenty of ways you can do so, and it’ll come in handy more than you think!
  • Use a shower caddy to store all of your emergency car tools/fluids.  You never know when these could be useful!  A shower caddy will keep all of your supplies separated and organized.
  • Buy or print out a map to plan out your stops and must-see destinations.  This is the fun part!  Circle or star all of the places you plan on visiting, and connect the dots to find your best route!

Let me know where you and your friends go this summer!

Have fun! – Chelsea