Wake up, go to school, eat, sleep, repeat.  Sound familiar?  The school week can be exhausting!   Although it’s only 5 days, it can feel like a lifetime!  I put together a few tips to help you look awake when you’re running low on sleep.  As a high school student myself, these tips can be a lifesaver!

The biggest struggle after rolling out of bed is figuring out how to cover the dark circles formed under your eyes.  Such a pain!  Although there are ways to prevent them, such Chelsea Crockett - Too Faced Concealeras eye creams, drinking lots of water, and reducing stress, you can’t always find time to keep up.  With that being said, concealer is the most obvious way to go.  One of my favorites is the Absolutely Flawless Concealer by Too Faced.  Click here to check it out!

Another option is to grab a quick coffee on your way to school.  If you feel awake, you look awake!  A little caffeine doesn’t hurt and can serve as a little pick-me-up before starting the day.  Try to avoid huge energy drinks and quick energy fixes.  They’ll give you the energy you want but will lead to crashing later in the day!

Did you know that having a positive mindset can change your entire attitude towards the day?  So what you might be a little tired… count the positives!  I know whenever I have a better mindset I feel happier and more thankful about the day.  This will change your tired and sluggish mood to a brighter, more upbeat attitude!  Give it a try :)!

Love, Chelsea