Running is an incredible exercise, but many people claim it has its unwelcomed consequences.  From a body break-down to re-shaping your body in a negative way, many of these myths keep people from soaking in all the amazing benefits running has to offer!  Let’s break down these myths once and for all and throw our tennis shoes on!Chelsea Crockett- run

  1. “Running will make you bulky.” Running is an extremely slimming exercise that burns body fat.  If you place a lot of pressure on your quads and do uphill running, then you risk the potential of having bigger thighs (the healthy way). 
  2. “I will start chaffing between my legs.” While this is very true for most people, it is an easy fix.  Try wearing leggings or spandex under running shorts to keep this from happening.      
  3. “You have to run every day to get better.” Running every day can be harsh on the body, especially if you are a newbie.  Switching up your routine (elliptical, bike, etc.) will improve your running as well!
  4. “Running is bad for your body and joints.” The only thing that comes from running is a healthy body.  Never push your body too far. 
  5. “Running is hard.” Running is one of the best stress relievers there is by releasing an abundance of endorphins to the brain.  You don’t have to be a long-distance or power runner to gain the benefits.  Going for a jog is very relaxing!

Who’s ready to go for a run with me?!