Hey insiders!

            Peer pressure gets to all of us.  Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or even in your adult years, we’re all tempted in different ways and forms.  It’s not fun or easy, but there are many ways to resist it.Chelsea Crockett - Peer Pressure

  • Stand your ground.  All of us have a set of rules and values for ourselves that we try to follow as much as possible.  If anyone tries to change those values, stand your ground.  Learn how to say no and follow your gut on what’s right.
  • Choose your friends wisely.  It’s easier to avoid peer pressure when you’re surrounded by good people that share the same values as you.  This way you won’t have to worry about them tempting you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.
  • Be confident.  Go into the situation with a mindset of “no one will change who I am or what I believe.”  Once you have a secure mindset, you’ll be a lot stronger and more confident in walking away. 
  • Think of the consequences.  Is the situation really worth the consequences?  Think very carefully about what you do before you do it.  Bad decisions can weigh on you and carry a big amount of guilt. 

             Although there are more ways to resist peer pressure, I find these four the most effective.  Remember, “To be popular isn’t always right and to be right isn’t always popular.”

                                                   XO – Chelsea